Anthropological writing beyond the academy

Recent work:  

Why I’m not buying the new ‘learn self-control’ mantra: Messages exhorting the importance of mastering self-control come loaded with cultural assumptions and overlook the hidden costs. In the Spinoff.

Treat Her Right: Why it’s time for us to start caring about care work: With the equal pay conversation in full swing, I examine the undervaluing women’s care work in society, and the steps we need to take to demand change. In the Spinoff.

Enough with the shame: An op ed discussing the corrosive effects of fat shaming on women’s wellbeing. In the Spinoff.

“He’s the least racist person I know”: Racism, the Mad Butcher and Empathy: A blog reflecting on structural racism in New Zealand and the politics of empathy.  On the Vicanthropology blog

On the Perils of Research Audit Tools: Reimagining the PBRF in New Zealand: Why academics need to start reconsidering how we evaluate and judge our scholarship. On the ASAANZ blog. 

Car Pie Trip an on-the-road blog about the homemade pies found in the dairies, stores and tearooms of Aotearoa New Zealand.

I have also published poetry and flash fiction in a range of journals, such as, Flash Frontier, Landfall, Not Very Quiet and Plumwood Mountain, such as Big Rain, Flight, They Said